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SIGN THE PETITION: Panun Kashmir's Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Bill-2020

Panun Kashmir’s Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Bill – 2020 proposes a legal framework to recognize and investigate such crisis, punish the culprits and re-settle the victims in true sense. Sign the petition to make it into a law in India. Let’s reverse the Hindu genocide in Kashmir.

Press Release: Hindu Media Bureau Launched on Varsha Pratipada – April 6, 2019 in Boston MA.

The auspicious occasion of Varsha Pratipada, April 6, 2019 marked the birth of what promises to be an important and critical player in the media industry – The Hindu Media Bureau.

How the anti-Hindu propaganda of Western media burdens Muslims?

It is extremely difficult for Muslims to rise as a strong community until the Western media continues to use them as props to advance colonial definition of India and spread Hinduphobia.