A note from the Editor.


Thank you for all the love and support you have showered on Hindu Media bureau since the launch. I am grateful for your faith in us to fulfill the mission that is so close to all our hearts. We promise our sincere commitment to bring it to life.

Mission of HMB-

“Hindu media Bureau is dedicated to creating and spreading the awareness of the Hindu world, past and present, guided by the principle “Truth is supreme.”

I see the Hindu world as a dynamic and exuberant living being pulsating through billions of Hindus across the world. Its ancient soul carries spiritual wisdom that Hindus live as a lifestyle. Hindu lifestyle is an intelligent and scientifically proven system that prepares and guides one to excel in any endeavor in life. Ours is a glorious path of service, excellence, togetherness and self-realization. The Hindu presence carries knowledge and the Hindu performance sets standards for achievements. Hindu Media Bureau is an eternal celebration of the Hindu spirit and its manifestations in various faculties.

Parts of the charm of the Hindu world got lost in translation during the colonization era. Hindu Media Bureau (HMB) is committed to restore, protect and promote Hindu knowledge and ways of living. HMB is a platform for unapologetic expression of Hindus and a support system for Hindu interests across the globe.

Hindu Media Bureau is a community journalism platform. Your contribution is critical for the success of HMB. We expect to continue to receive your support, love and contribution."


Dhanashree Ram


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