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Press Release: Hindu Media Bureau Launched on Varsha Pratipada – April 6, 2019 in Boston MA.

The auspicious occasion of Varsha Pratipada, April 6, 2019 marked the birth of what promises to be an important and critical player in the media industry – The Hindu Media Bureau.Hindu Media Bureau (HMB) was launched as a non-governmental agency dedicated to creating and spreading awareness of the Hindu world,

World Hindu Congress: 7 Annual Conferences to Benefit The Hindu World.

Every year, the global World Hindu Congress descends on a different city, in a different country. For 3 days, Hindus from all places, professions, and ages, come together.Old friendships are rekindled, new partnerships are built.Knowledge and experience is shared,and powerful initiatives for the good of all Hindus

Cow Vigilantes Or Upstanding Citizens?

"Mob lynching by cow vigilantes" Some mainstream media publish several items every month. Without further research you might conclude that India is filled with violent people who love cows and attack anyone who doesn't share their beliefs.But is this really the truth?It's good to remember that the truth

MIT professor to chair World Hindu Congress in Chicago

This article was originally posted on: top professor of the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Dr Sriprakash Kothari, would chair the second World Hindu Congress set to be held in Chicago this September, organisers of the mega event have