"Mob lynching by cow vigilantes" Some mainstream media publish several items every month. Without further research you might conclude that India is filled with violent people who love cows and attack anyone who doesn't share their beliefs.

But is this really the truth?

It's good to remember that the truth is often hidden at first sight.

So we decided to dig deeper and see if we could find more information to balance the perspective. Doing this we found very interesting information left out of the mainstream news. The best researched and in-depth article we came across is:

Being Gau Rakshaks: What It Takes To Stand Up Against Beef Mafia

The journalist of swarajyamag.comhas spent a lot of time in the villages of Alwar and Bharatpur. He has interviewed the real "cow-vigilantes", and reading their accounts paints a different picture:

One of a tense region where different cultures collide,

police is not always on their best behavior, and a lot of clues left unsolved.

This picture doesn't align at all with one-sided mobs violently attacking innocent people out of pure hatred.

If you want more insight on this issue, read this article. It gives the essential alternative perspectives so crucial to understanding complex events.