The auspicious occasion of Varsha Pratipada, April 6, 2019 marked the birth of what promises to be an important and critical player in the media industry – The Hindu Media Bureau.

Hindu Media Bureau (HMB) was launched as a non-governmental agency dedicated to creating and spreading awareness of the Hindu world, current and past, guided by the principle: Truth is Supreme.

Catherin Storing, one of the guests at the event thought it was an exquisite gathering of some of the brilliant minds from Hindu community. “It was refreshing to see HMB’s vision and execution plan to address pressing needs of media. It was truly a pleasure to participate in the celebration of culture, traditions and greater good at the HMB launch party.” Said Ms. Storing.

In the presence of over 250 distinguished guests, that included dignitaries, media personalities, entrepreneurs and the who’s who from the New England area, the founders of HMB committed to articulating the Hindu view point with utmost honesty and efficiency. They argued that while there is a wealth of talent in the Hindu community in the field of media, there is a need to harness these divergent efforts into a collective force to create greater impact.

The keynote speakers further elaborated on these themes in their presentations. Francois Gautier, well-known journalist, presented his views on the need to take an action to protect the authentic Hindu voice. He also shared his experiences as a Frenchman who simply fell in love with India the very first time he visited. Rajiv Malhotra, a scholar and founder of the Infinity Foundation presented a detail review of how a Hindu opinion is born in social media and the reasons for lack of credibility. He also enlightened the audience on various elements of the market that eventually make or break opinions in mass media. He presented groundbreaking concepts such as an all-languages dictionary for Indian traditions etc.

Dinesh Tanna, a prominent personality in New England and one of the guests expressed his concerns about the polarity and lack of accountability in media, especially in regards with representation of the Hindu community. He appreciated the structured and disciplined platform of Hindu Media Bureau and wished success to the team.

The HMB plans to channelize the currently fragmented energies in the Hindu Media world into a cohesive eco-system. With the help of communication and computing technologies, proper structuring and alignment of the elements in the media ecosystem, and the will to stand firm with Truth it plans to achieve a thousand-fold multiplier effect.

Through this technology rich platform the HMB plans to educate, correct, authenticate, notify and hold irresponsible journalism accountable. Not only will it create original content, it will rate existing media content that includes websites, blogs, articles, opinions, books for their authenticity and veracity.