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Could there be anything worse than genocide for a community that was subjected to the atrocities? Yes, there is. The denial that the genocide ever happened can bring more pain and suffering than the actual genocide to the survivors. Experts call it “double killing”. By that definition, Kashmiri Hindus have been killed not once, not twice but many times. They were killed every time a reporter wrote a story on Kashmir without a word about them; every time a politician sided with those who brought the tragedy onto them; every time their horrific condition was compared with small conflicts among communities. In reality, the Kashmiri Hindus have been suffering the onslaught of Islam for the last 682 years. The latest forced exodus inflicted on them rendered them homeless refugee in their own country for the last 30 years. This community is a victim of genocide forced upon them by the Islamic fundamentalists/ militants/terrorists. Entire neighborhoods, police, even the state and federal governments have contributed to their exodus in some degree over the past three decades. There was no hope of possibility of justice until the Government of India through an act of parliament in August 2019 ruled to remove articles 370 and 35A of Indian Constitution that worked as shackles for the people of Jammu & Kashmir State and helped keep the Kashmiri Hindu community confined to an unfortunate situation. The removal of articles 370 and 35A has paved the path to total integration of the state with the Indian union and under right circumstances will open the roads for Kashmiri Hindus to return to their home. Now, we must take actions to stop history from repeating itself. Ill-intended initiatives against any community in India must be punished and uprooted with utmost precision. Currently, there is no framework in the Indian constitution to identify a crisis like genocide which creates several obstacles in taking actions such as punishing the culprits and re-settling the victim communities. Please support the Kashmiri Hindu community in their$ struggle of survival and settlement.

The Resolve:

Panun Kashmir, an organization representing the aspirations of Hindu community and works to bring together Kashmiri Hindus from across the world, proposes the Genocide and Atrocities Bill 2020 as a solution to the matter. The bill suggests implementing a comprehensive, concrete and clear legal framework. The framework uses various agencies of law as a grid to recognize, investigate and fight crisis of such nature and help victims to re-settle. The bill is a part of Panun Kashmir’s international initiative “PK-ReHinge Kashmir”. It aims to reverse the Hindu genocide in Kashmir. Panun Kashmir expects the issue at hand to be recognized as that of the reversal of the Hindu genocide and not of migration. The bill outlines a roadmap and measures to support internally displaced Hindus to return and rehabilitate in Kashmir in a true sense. The authors of the bill who have personally experienced the barbarities of genocide call for strong actions within the framework of Indian law. The bill as drafted and presented by Panun Kashmir is conscious of the unity of India and keeps humanity at its center.

Panun Kashmir’s Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Bill 2020 will be soon presented to Prime Minister Modi and overseas members of Panun Kashmir intend to send a petition to the PM along with the bill via the Indian embassies/consulates around the world.

You can read the draft of the bill here.

You can read the petition to the Prime Minister Modi here.

Panun Kashmir’s Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Bill – 2020 proposes a legal framework to recognize and investigate such crisis and punish the culprits. Sign the petition to make it into a law in India. Let’s reverse the Hindu genocide in Kashmir.

Your support is critical. The Kashmiri Hindu community and other minorities need your support. Please add your name to this campaign. Together we will have a much stronger voice that will compel the Indian government to consider making the “Panun Kashmir’s Genocide and Atrocities Bill 2020” into a law.

Thank you for your support.  

Sanjay Kaul

Boston, MA.

[email protected]

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