Every year, the global World Hindu Congress descends on a different city, in a different country. For 3 days, Hindus from all places, professions, and ages, come together.

Old friendships are rekindled, new partnerships are built.

Knowledge and experience is shared,

and powerful initiatives for the good of all Hindus are created.

Seven conferences cover the most impactful topics and allow for specific and productive discussions.

World Hindu Economic Forum: Making society prosperous.

The World Hindu Economic Forum is the economic pillar of the World Hindu Congress. It's a place where Hindus can work together to generate more surplus wealth and share it for widespread prosperity. Bringing together practical economic expertise with theoretical knowledge, it's provides a catalyst for new ideas, business models and ventures to benefit Hindu prosperity.

The WHEF hosts Hindu business professionals such as executives, entrepreneurs and industrialists, as well as economists and business strategists. They can engage in panel discussions, presentations of new initiatives and network.

Our modern world is suffering from hunger, poverty and illiteracy. And charity alone is not enough to solve these issues. The only solution is to create more surplus wealth and share it to empower the masses.

Hindu culture and values historically contributed to roughly half the world economy. Now, the WHEF is bringing back these powerful forces to bring more prosperity and abundance to Hindus (and non-Hindus) around the world.
Learn more here: http://www.wheforum.org/

Hindu Educational Conference: Quality Education for All

The educational pillar of the World Hindu Congress is called the Hindu Educational Conference. Here, Hindus work on ways of making quality education affordable and develop leadership in all academic disciplines. Discussion, knowledge sharing, and networking allow for new ideas to flourish or old wisdom to be found again.

The annual sessions of the Hindu Educational Conference bring together educators, academics, administrators, and students. They participate in panel discussions, share experiences, and develop strategies to deal with current challenges.

Education is crucial for a society to sustain itself in the long term. And the Hindu civilization is no different. Traditionally the Hindu educational system has been very influential on a global scale and has led to some of history's biggest breakthroughs. Many of the worlds educational institutes were built by Hindus such as; Banaras Hindu University, Madras Institute of Technology and Birla Institute of Technology and Science.

Still an enormous amount of Hindu people have no access to proper education and are suffering the consequences. The Hindu Educational Conference works to develop the institutions that are so urgently needed to supply people with superior education.

Hindu Media Conference: Promoting Accuracy and Balance

The media pillar of the World Hindu Congress is called the Hindu Media Conference. Here, ideas and initiatives are generated to better inform the world about the Hindu world, values, opinions, and events.

During the Hind Media Conference, journalists, bloggers, media executives and public commentators join to improve the media coverage of Hindus and the Hindu world.

Modern media is a powerful influence on how people think, believe, and act. The Hindu society is often not getting the coverage it deserves or even treated unfairly. And when unsympathetic voices are not being answered, most of the world population is left with a twisted view of Hindu values, and society.

Even Hindus themselves are less proud and aware than they should be. The Hindu Media Conference works to show people (Hindu and non-Hindu) the truth, so as to create awareness and understanding of Hinduism.

Hindu Organizational Conference: Coming Together. Expressing Together.

The Hindu Organizational Conference provides the organizational pillar of the Hindu World Congress. It's a central platform for networking and sharing resources so that organizations can easier work together and be more effective.

The platform is a place where representatives of Hindu organizations, temples, associations, institutions and Sampradayas can join in discussion and knowledge sharing.

Many groups and organizations are working to improve and promote Hindu society. However, their effectiveness is severely reduced because they lack unity and cooperation. This conference aims to keep all organizations informed about each other, and help them pool labour, resources, and publicity. This helps them achieve their individual goals and benefit the Hindu community as a whole.

Hindu Political Conference: Strengthening Responsible Democracy

The Hindu Political Conference serves as the political forum of the World Hindu Congress. It's mission is to discuss and solve important political issues. These are the issues that are impacting Hindus at local, national and global levels. Another part of the its mission is to encourage political engagement and promote democracy for all.

At the Hindu Political Conference you can find elected representatives, appointees, staffers, policy experts, human rights advocates and civil rights advocates. All will join in panel discussions, presentations and networking to benefit the Hindu world from a political perspective.

For thousands of years, Hindu values and practices have been instrumental in building democratic and equal societies. The need is higher than even but these powerful methods are left unused. Hindus people and businesses form a considerable part of the society and economy of over 40 countries, but the Hindu voice is almost never heard outside of India politics.

The Hindu Political Conference aims to bring all Hindus from political background under one roof, sharing knowledge and generating solutions for the political issues that are impeding Hindu development. Additionally, the World Hindu Democratic Forum helps connect experienced political professionals with aspiring young Hindus to increase youth involvement and generational bonds.

Hindu Women Conference: Women at the highest position of society

The Hindu Women Conference is a platform dedicated to empowering and enabling Hindu women for leadership roles in Hindu society. The conference connects successful and aspiring women and brings female accomplishments to light. So that women can take their rightful role on the political and economic stage.

Hindu women from every background, perspective and profession take part in discussions, presentations and networking. They share experiences, develop new ideas, and initiate new ventures.

Around 50% of the Hindu population are women. Their role in society has often been marginalized or ignored, even though their contributions have been crucial all throughout history.

Without women in leadership positions, the Hindu world is missing out on essential insights, knowledge and perspectives.

The Hindu Women Conference helps women to build the knowledge and experience and confidence to take on the leadership positions so vital to the overall progress of the Hindu society.

Hindu Youth Conference: Rise, Organise, Lead, Emerge.

The youth pillar of the World Hind Congress is called the Hindu Youth Conference. It is a platform for organizations and initiatives to help cultivate our future leaders. Panel discussions and presentations are building the systems and resources that shape tomorrow’s leaders.

Hindu youth is in severe shortage in Hindu organizations and initiatives. But the next generation is going to be responsible for most of the work that is required. All throughout the ages, young people have been the ones who stood up against tyranny and evil, and who led the revolutions to a better world. The Hindu Students and Youth Network helps youth organizations and students all over the world to share experiences, learn, and inspire each other. Additionally they help other organizations to mobilize more youth.